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What is man? How you answer that question immediately exposes your worldview and the foundation on which that worldview rests.
Are dinosaurs proof of millions of years of evolution? Or a reminder of God’s glory?
David’s Psalms point to Jesus, the Son of David.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion in a biblical worldview
Scientists working in Mongolia at the Barun Goyot Formation uncovered an unusual fossil—a nearly complete skeleton of a creature curled up like a bird.
Forests in Antarctica? This frigid, forbidding continent is full of surprising evidences for the worldwide flood.
Answers in Genesis makes it easy to find unique, meaningful gifts that support good causes and share the good news of the gospel around the world.

    Making Much of the Word

    610 West Alto Road | Kokomo, IN 46902 | PH: (765) 453-9768 | FAX: (765) 453-3899

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